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Culture Shock Issues for International Movers

Most international movers are aware that a move to a new country is not over with a new house and unpacking of possessions. These processes are actually the pro-active factors which let your mind not hover around too much. The focused activity, once over, gives rise to other issues which might make it difficult for international movers to settle in immediately. A new house though exciting is an indication of old things and routines ending. This is even more so when the country one has moved to have a different language. When the language differs, a feeling of alienation might arise leading to what is called a ‘culture shock’.

There are ways to deal with this as much as possible. International movers are aware that any kind of change causes uncertainty and anxiety so the best thing is to be prepared for the unknown. Nowadays when the onslaught of the internet one can easily find a lot of information about the place one is moving to. Asking around and developing contacts before you reach the new country is extremely sensible. This allows international movers to have a feel for the place and have some strange factors explained instead of being completely in the dark. The first thing to do once one moves, is to establish a routine. For an international mover working in a regular office, this might be easier. There is a certain target in mind for work and that occupies the mind. In the constricted office environment, there would be more chances to make friends and at least see the same faces on a regular basis as also work related targets. However, for a person who would not be working, this is more stressful and a feeling of isolation is highly likely.

Simple activities such as shopping for groceries might take on a whole new meaning since the packaging, names of vegetables, products might be totally different. There are no familiar faces, no usual TV shows, etc. Some international movers would have a lot of free time if they have moved with their husbands to a new country. Taking on part time jobs would be ideal since they would be busy for at least part of the day and feel good about contributing to the household income. Adults manage with changes somehow but children are the ones who might experience maximum anxiety and a feeling of being uprooted.

Children at such times tend to get more dependent on parents who on their part should be supportive and provide love and reassurance. Young children would miss their school and friends and can get lonely. More intense is the experience for teenagers since they are in a strange in-between stage of adolescence with a high need to be accepted by their peers which might be tough in a new school and neighborhood. Again, preparing them for the move is a responsibility of the international mover. They must be aware of the factors for the move and attempts must be made to get them excited about the new adventure. International movers should involve their children in the research process so they know as much as the parent about what to expect. Reading up on the new country is the best kind of education. Taking a part of their old home is equally important. International movers can gift their kids with collages or books in which they can store their memories.

Thus, everyone involved in the international mover's journey can look forward to it without getting too worried about the new changes to come.

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